Admittedly, I should have posted this a few weeks ago because it’s well worthy of your attention if it hasn’t fallen on your radar already.

Let’s Buy Happiness – Fast Fast

So first thing’s first, I really like Sarah’s coat.

Secondly, I am enjoying this song more and more each time I listen to it, most certainly a grower. It’s the band’s second single release and after some serious critical acclaim following their first single ‘Six Wolves‘, a Maida Vale recording, an appearance on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury 2010 AND a place on last year’s Evolution Festival main stage; this gem of a North-east band are proving that they’re far from one-trick ponies.

It goes without saying that vocalist Sarah Hall’s voice is startlingly enjoyable to listen to, but on this track in particular I love her crescendos and diction; each syllable is punctuated perfectly yet it all sounds quite whimsical at times; a skill that few female lead vocalists have mastered. There have been comparisons to Björk, Cocteau Twins and (bloody) Diana Vickers, but for some reason her tone on this track is very reminiscent of Delores O’Riordan for me and I really don’t know why. Sure, the obvious comparisons are accurate, but what I love about Let’s Buy Happiness is that generally they’re pretty hard to tie down and define. As a result, they have a load of critics and bloggers (myself included) frantically comparing them to other artists in the hope of figuring out what makes them so special.

Of course, there’s more to Let’s Buy Happiness than their stand-out vocalist, other members James King (Drums), Mark Brown (Bass), James Hall and Graeme Martin (Guitar) are all intrinsic to the band’s success.  All in all, it’s a case of 5 extremely talented musicians who have collectively engineered this signature Let’s Buy Happiness sound. The drums on ‘Fast Fast’ stand out for me, but there are some really luscious bass notes too that sweep everything together nicely, creating a smooth foundation for the overall track and each element slots in around it rather than above it.

Anyway, I digress… what I’m trying to say is, you should really get yourself down to Newcastle’s RIVERSIDE on Saturday 26th February for their single launch as part of their 8 day tour.  With support from Brilliant Mind, Pete Macleod and a DJ set from ‘Our Beat is Correct‘, you’re getting your £5 worth. The single is available to order NOW from their Bandcamp page (please see below for major links…) and also excitingly on a 7″ vinyl. The band are releasing the single on their own label; Ghost Arc Records so get buying to secure feature releases from this innovative and significant group.

As always, here’s a link to the Facebook event page so you can get clicking that ‘Attending’ button. And here’s a nice little photo of the band to give you that extra push: all fit!

Until the 26th, check out the following links to get your ‘Let’s Buy Happiness’ fix:

Fast Fast is offically released on Monday, February 28th. I’ll be sure to get my copy, hope you get involved too! Oh yeah, and for those of you who aren’t Newcastle dwellers, you can find details of their tour dates on their website… (it kicks off in Leeds tomorrow!)

LA x


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